popcorn ceiling repair

Just about every component in a home will require maintenance, repair, and even replacing at some point. Nothing lasts forever, and as a homeowner, it’s your job to make sure you keep up with the repairs and maintenance of all components of your home, whether you tackle these projects yourself or hire professionals to do it for you.

One component that can require repairing from time to time is your ceilings. Whether they’re cracked, stained, or have been damaged by water or moisture, they will likely require some level of repair. But if you’ve got popcorn ceilings, this can be a bit more of a challenge.

Here are the steps required for popcorn ceiling repair to spot patch the surface and bring it back up to par.

Cover the Floor With a Drop Cloth

The job of popcorn ceiling repair is usually a very messy one. There will be a lot of material falling to the floor, so you’ll want to protect it by laying a drop cloth across it. While you’re at it, consider covering doorways so that the dust particles don’t make their way throughout the rest of your home.

Saturate the Damaged Area

Using a spray bottle filled with hot water, spray the damaged area until it is completely saturated with the hot water. Allow it to sit for a certain amount of time in order to soften the texture of the ceiling. Scrape Of the Material Once the damaged area has been softened, take a putty or utility knife to scrape the material off. In order to minimize the amount of damage during this popcorn ceiling repair, keep the knife at a 45degree angle while scraping.

Repair Holes or Dents in the Ceiling

If you’ve created any dents or holes from scraping, patch them up with joint compound and apply it with a putty knife. Cut a piece of mesh drywall tape and place it into the joint compound while it’s still wet. Apply another layer of compound over the drywall tape and let it completely dry. Then sand down the area to reveal a smoother surface.

Spray Popcorn Ceiling Material

When the surface is ready, spray popcorn ceiling texture according to the manufacturer’s instructions to the patched area. Overlap the edges of the ceiling texture that’s already there to make sure it blends in well. Finally, spray a primer over top.

Need Help With Popcorn Ceiling Repair?

Whether you choose to repair your popcorn ceiling or remove it completely, hiring professionals who are experienced in this realm is your best bet. When you need popcorn ceiling repair or removal, call The Ceiling Specialists!

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