stipple ceiling removal

Why would you remove a Stipple Ceiling?

Also referred to as “popcorn ceilings” or “slapbrush texture ceilings,” a stipple ceiling is one that has some texture. The material is usually either applied using a spray or a stipple brush. The reason why homeowners may have opted for a stipple ceiling is because it’s able to effectively hide any imperfections or flaws.

These days, however, stipple ceilings are not considered very attractive. More and more homeowners are choosing to remove these types of ceilings from their homes in favour of smoother finishes that appear more modern and esthetically pleasing.

If you’re thinking of removing your stipple ceiling, consider the following methods. Scrape and Peel it Off In order to be able to effectively scrape off all the material from your stipple ceiling, you’ll need to soak it in water first. Using a spray bottle, apply warm or hot water to the stipple ceiling liberally, and allow it time to soak in. This will moisten and soften the stipple material and make it easier to come off.

Before you do this, however, you’ll want to cover the floor with a drop cloth in order to prevent any of the water from damaging the floor and to catch all particles that will be coming off.
With a utility or putty knife, scrape and peel all of the material off. Be as careful as you can to prevent damaging the surface underneath, or you’ll just make more work for yourself. If the stipple seems difficult to peel off, apply more water.

Once all the material has been removed from the stipple ceiling, patch up any dents or holes that were made throughout the removal process using joint compound. Once it’s been dried, sand it down and wipe it with a clean cloth. Sand it Down You might also want to choose to sand the stipple ceiling down rather than scraping it off. Once again, you’ll want to cover the floor with a drop cloth to protect it and catch all falling material for easier cleanup. Seal off doorways as well to prevent sand particles from making their way all throughout your home.

Making sure that your face is protected with goggles and an air mask, use a sander to sand down the texture until you get down to the surface of the drywall. Be careful that you don’t sand too far and damage the underlying drywall.

Once all the material has been sanded off, vacuum the entire surface to get rid of any stipple material that might still linger, then wipe it down with a cloth. Call the Experts in Stipple Ceiling Removal As you can probably tell, both of these methods – while highly effective – can be pretty labour-intensive and difficult. Rather than doing the job on your own, you can ensure a job well done and in a short period of time when you enlist the help of professionals to do this for you. If you’ve got a stipple ceiling that you want removed make sure you hire a professional to get the job done right!

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